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Minimalist Skin for Bugzilla

If you test web sites and use Bugzilla, a skin I’ve developed named Minimalist may be of interest to you. Of course, please feel free to fork it and modify it for your needs!

Screenshot of the Minimalist skin for Bugzilla

Screenshot of the skin

Here are the skin’s main improvements over “Dusk” (on which it’s based):

  1. Slimmed-down footer: only includes saved searches (instead of just another copy of the header)
  2. “Heat” shading for priority and severity values
  3. Brighter, fresher colors, copied from inspired by Lighthouse
  4. Browser icons (mapped to “Hardware” values)
  5. Wider search field, because QuickSearch is awesome

Categories: Testing.


1 response

  1. Looks fine. Good job,man !